Program cars to move around in an urban environment. Solve puzzles and avoid hazards.

Eight levels in total.

All assets were created by Justin Trotter. 
Sound FXs generated using Bfxr.
Music generated using Wolfram Tones.


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I Seem to be rather stuck on the sixth level. I am not quite sure how to approach the problem and found a way to seemingly cheese the system but I believe this has resulted in some unfortunate mishap. I assume just having the second car on the second button is enough the keep the gate open but when I move the first car off of the first button the gate still re-seals itself causing the first car to crash.

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Good catch. I saw this while testing. The solution to pass the gate is to move off the south button before pressing the north. Ideally it would work as you intended but I didn’t have time to work out the logic issues with the two buttons.